Welcome to 4Bulls

Welcome to 4Bulls 4bulls.com

Hello, guys. Welcome to 4Bulls. We have the platform, the community, and the mission to make the crypto trading world a more level playing field for all participants. As the company’s CEO and one of its co-founders, I am incredibly passionate about the project. Our journey started back in 2016 when I tried crypto trading for the first time with GDAX exchange (today’s Coinbase Pro). I remember feeling enlightened.

Digital Assets

To many people (including myself), cryptocurrencies became a symbol of freedom. From the moment I purchased my first Bitcoin up until now, I have been viewing digital currencies as significantly important assets that, in the long run, will change our future.

The 4Bulls Journey

I was trading crypto as a position trader for about a year before I introduced my younger brother and one of the co-founders of 4Bulls, Peter Kurzh, to trading in 2017. We took a variety of online trading courses and tested pretty much every publicly accessible trading software in the market.

The concept of 4Bulls naturally came into place when Peter, who was trading with a combined pool of his and my digital assets, realized that even when using the trading bots and automation tools available in the market, trading effectively was a struggle. Peter was facing serious issues by not being able to automate his trading strategies in the desired fashion and maximize his profits with suitable copy trading tools.

As retail traders, we realized that we needed better tools to be able to trade in a practical manner. Because nobody was offering a fitting solution in the market, we decided to create one. To make a high-quality product, we needed additional tech and product building expertise. So, I reached out to the top software engineers, product owners, and trading specialists whom I had the opportunity to meet in Silicon Valley and around the world.

In October of 2019, the 4Bulls team was officially formed, and we began working on the development of our platform. Before even starting to work on the 4Bulls project, my team members and I promised ourselves that we would build a platform to empower people. We hope that we will meet your expectations.

We are happy to welcome you to 4Bulls. Your support means a lot to us.

Ivan Kv

Ivan Kv

Founder and CEO of 4Bulls.